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About Us.

Crack Chiropractor is a place for you to become yourself again. With our main location in Owl Creek, Wyoming, we value every customer that comes in contact with us. Crack started as a small office in 1996 by Dr. Wyatt Fuentes. Dr. Fuentes started the company right out of college and has been changing lives ever since. We would love for you to read more about us and find a place to come feel better.

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What Our Practice Offers

With over 150 years of combined experience, our chiropractors offer a wide range of different therapy’s and treatments to get you feeling amazing.

Chiropractic Therapy


Massage Therapy




Chinese Accupuncture


Dry Needling


Trusted by over 2000 Happy Patients

The team at Crack Chiropractor helped me to feel 100% again. I cannot thank them enough for helping me regain my confidence and live my life again.

Professional Care

With Award winning doctors on hand, you can expect to feel like yourself again in no time. We have amazing 5 and 10 week programs as well as custom programs for those needing to extra care. Our chiropractors are leading the industry in technological instruments and  breakthrough techniques that are sure to get you back to normal. We love helping our clients feel great again.

Thousands of lives changed, yours could be next.

Dr. Wyatt Fuentes




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What People Says About Us.

I have been a patient of Crack Chiropractor for many years. Dr Fuentes has never failed to address my neck and back issues, leaving me pain free and happy. I highly recommend this team!



– Samantha Warner

Dr. Fuentes and the rest of the team at Crack Chiropractor has really changed my life. After a bad car wreck I never thought I would live a pain-free life again. But Dr. Fuentes showed me that I could. I love the team at Crack and so will you!

– Tyler Shaw

Our Doctors

Our award winning team is comprised of the following doctors.

Jim Crawford

Jim Crawford


Jessica Arnold

Jessica Arnold


Daniel Munford

Daniel Munford


Alex Pearson

Alex Pearson


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