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Welcome To Karnage

Starting in a little town in Oregon, Karnage has become one of the most world renowned burger joints. Our head chef, Simone Tufulor started Karnage right after high school. After a rocky start, Tufulor grew Karnage into what we know today, the freshest, tastiest burger palace the world has ever seen.

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredients, Killer Meals

Made with fresh ingredients cut everyday, Karnage Burgers are sure to bring you the ultimate hamburger experience.


King Crab Burger

This is a Karnage specialty. A medium burger stuffed with King Crab meat and topped with our special in house Tartar sauce.


Chipotle Burger

This burger is a spin on the spicy bacon burger, but instead of being topped with jalapenos, this burger is topped with our super-secret chipotle sauce. Dressed with onions lettuce and tomato.


Breakfast Burger

What is better than a perfectly cooked burger with eggs and bacon? That is correct, nothing. This burger comes with eggs cooked to your liking, bacon and an optional side of maple syrup. Oh yea, did we mention the pancake buns?


Cowboy Burger

Another Karnage Specialty. This Burger comes medium rare and is accompanied with crispy onion rings, bacon, american cheese, and our in-house BBQ sauce. Dressed with onions lettuce and tomato.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

Amazing look. Amazing feel. Amazing food. This is a great find with picture-perfect food and delicious burgers.

Alex J.

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

The food here was unbelievably amazing. The service was even better. Best burger place I have ever been to. “

Jordan R.

“Another successful experience”

Oregon is full of amazing restaurants. And after about my fourth time going to Karnage, it is safe to say it is the best.

Hannah P.


“Every time I go to Karnage, I am left utterly speechless by the simplicity of the food and by the way it taste so complex. My favorite restaurant ever.

Tyler C.

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Our News And Events

New Location

We just opened a brand new location in Oregon. Come on in and check out the amazing new decor. And get a delicious burger while you are at it!

Hours of Operation

10:00am – 1:00pm
4:00pm – 10:30pm

3:00pm – 10:30pm

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Please Call to Make Reservations:

293 – 489 – 7746